Date: 10/12/2015
“O2 Pharmacy” has opened its 22nd pharmacy by the name of “Al Khor Pharmacy” in the presence of the chairman of the chairman of the group, Dr. Khalid and the General Manager of the group: Dr. Mehrabi.
This pharmacy is located in Hessa Tower on Ittihad Rd.

Date: 10/08/2015
“O2 Pharmacy” is delighted to announce the successful opening of its 20th branch in one of the most prestigious locations of UAE, The Dubai Marina within walking distance of The Marina Mall.
In a luxurious ceremony befitting the first Luxury pharmacy in the region the branch was inaugurated to the public in the presence of the Chairman, Dr Khalid and the General Manager Dr. Mehrabi. “O2 Marina Pharmacy” presented its first 500 customers with gifts to celebrate this occasion.
During the “O2 Marina branch” opening, Dr. Khalid, chairman of O2 Pharmacy said:
“On this very auspicious day I would like to extend my special vote of thanks to all my employees and our guests who came to the opening of our 20th pharmacy in UAE”
He added: “I am very pleased today with the opening of this branch.I have always believed in the concept of total quality and complete customer satisfaction as the key to achieving our vision which is not only becoming a worldwide healthcare provider and a well-known brand but also to become a leader in healthcare industry around the globe through innovative, time-specific and retailing concepts as well as educating people about lifestyle”.
By opening of the newest branch in Marina (West Avenue, Al Gharbi St), the chain of O2 Pharmacies is 1 step closer to their 2020 goal of Opening 100 pharmacies in all prime locations across all seven emirates of UAE.

It is a proud moment for O2 Pharmacy to be participating in Gitex Technology week in partnership with Etisalat as the very first virtual pharmacy in UAE. O2 Pharmacy has reached a new mile stone and once again has proved its unique and innovative concept in the health care industry.

Advances in medicine and healthcare have created an environment in which access to quality care and disease prevention is one of the most valued commodities our society has to offer and O2 Pharmacy is proud to be the leading chain of pharmacies in UAE to offer easily accessible health care services to all by having the first virtual pharmacy of the region.

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We are delighted to announce that the re-branding of the pharmacy division of Peace World Group of Companies has begun by the opening of a new branch of pharmacy under the name of O2 Pharmacy in Al Diyafah Street in view of the increasing demand of our customers and to deliver prompt and speedy service to all our patrons. 
It will be our pleasure to serve you at our new location with the same quality and service you have come to expect of us. We shall be shortly opening a number of outlets all over U.A.E to serve you better and faster wherever you may be.
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A new branch of O2 Pharmacy in now
open in Al Diyafah Street…